28 N Main St
On The Square

Downtown Mansfield
M-R 11:00-2:00 / 4:30-9:00
F 11:00-2:00 / 4:30-10:00
 Sat 4:30-10:00
Other Hours by Reservation

                               Dinner Buffet Menu

Home-Style Buffet Entrees ~ Choose 2 Entrees from the lists below. Choose 1 Salad from the Salads category. Choose 2 Sides from the Sides category.
Beef                                                               Poultry
Meatloaf                                                       Roast Chicken
Beef Stroganoff                                             Herbed Chicken Breast                                  Prime Rib                                                       BBQ Chicken     
Pork                                                             Vegetarian
Grilled Bratwurst with kraut                    Eggplant Milanese                                               BBQ Pulled Pork                                         Pasta Primavera               
Pork Loin Roast                                          Seasonal Options                                      
Pasta/with your choice of sauce                      Sauces
Fettucine                                                      Alfredo
Spaghetti                                                      Bolognese                                                                  Penne Pasta                                                 Marinara                                                                 Bow Tie Pasta                                        

Protein That Can Be Added To Any Pasta Dish
Grilled Chicken/Add $2.00 per person
Meatballs / Add 2.00 Per Person
Sausage / Add 2.00 Per Person
Shrimp / Add 4.00 Per Person

Dinner Buffet Entrees ~ Choose 2 Entrees from the list below or any entrees from the Homestyle Buffet Choose 2 Salads from the Salad category (1 Leafy Green Salad & 1 Deli Salad) Choose 3 Sides from the Sides category (2 Starches & 1 Vegetable)
Beef                                                            Poultry
Beef Brisket                                           Chicken with Sherry/Mushroom Sauce
Pepper Steak                                         Chicken with Red Pepper Alfredo
Tenderloin Tips                                    Orange Chicken            
Tenderloin Medallions      
Pork                                                            Seafood
Pork Chops                                                  Maryland Crab Cakes
BBQ Baby Back Ribs                                 Salmon
Pork Loin Roast                                         Dynamite Shrimp
Pasta                                                           Sauces
Fettucine                                                      Alfredo
Spaghetti                                                      Bolognese
Bow Tie Pasta                                             Marinara
Penne Pasta
Protein that can be added to any pasta dish
Grilled Chicken/Add $2.00 per person
Sausage / Add 2.00 Per Person
Meatballs / Add 2.00 Per Person
Shrimp / Add 4.00 Per Person
Vegetarian                                                 Signature Salads
Eggplant Milanese                                        Caesar Salad
Pasta Primavera                                            Apple Cashew Salad
Seasonal Options Available                        Broccoli/Cauliflower Craisin Salad
                                                                          Pasta Salad


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray

Fresh Vegetable Tray

Assorted Cheese Tray

Have a favorite you would like us to make? Just ask!
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes
Saffron Rice Pilaf
Pasta Primavera
Mini Baked Potato
Sweet Corn
Assorted Grilled Vegetables