28 N Main St
On The Square

Downtown Mansfield
M-R 11:00-2:00 / 4:30-9:00
F 11:00-2:00 / 4:30-10:00
 Sat 4:30-10:00
Other Hours by Reservation

                Homestyle Lunch Buffet Menu

Main Entree - Choose 2
Beef Stroganoff
Prime Rib

Roast Chicken
Herb Crusted Chicken
Chicken with Sherry/Mushroom Sauce
Chicken Parmesan
BBQ Chicken

Grilled Bratwurst with kraut
Italian Sausage w/ Peppers and Onions
BBQ Pulled Pork

Eggplant Milanese
Pasta Primavera
Seasonal Options Available/Please Ask!

Pasta/with your choice of sauce         Sauces
Fettucine                                                     Alfredo
Spaghetti                                                     Bolognese
Bow Tie Pasta                                              Marinara
Penne Pasta

Protein That Can Be Added To Any Pasta Dish
Grilled Chicken/Add $2.00 per person
Meatballs / Add 2.00 Per Person
Sausage / Add 2.00 Per Person
Shrimp / Add 4.00 Per Person

Caesar Salad
Apple Cashew Salad
Broccoli/Cauliflower Craisin Salad
Fresh Vegetable and Relish Tray
Vegetable Pasta Salad
Quinoa Salad

Sides - Choose 2 (1 starch and 1 vegetable)
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Mashed
Saffron Rice Pilaf
Green Beans
Sweet Corn
Pasta Primavera
Mini Baked Potatoes
Assorted Grilled Vegetables